Press Release

June 12-16, 2016 Samuel Dixon will present a poster and deliver an oral presentation entitled “Prussian Blue Screen-Printed Electrode as Specific Biosensor for K+” at the 16th International Conference on Electroanalysis (ESEAC 2016) June 12-16 in Bath, United Kingdom.
Apr. 16-20, 2016 Dr. Shradha Prabhulkar, Director of Nanoengineering, will be presenting three posters entitled “Stability of injectable phospholipid nanoparticles loaded with paclitaxel: influence of lipid composition, drug concentration, storage temperature, lyophilization and additives" and "Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) as molecular marker for bladder, ovarian and glioblastoma cancers" and “Treatment with OT-101 - an anti-TGF-beta 2 antisense - primed tumors to subsequent chemotherapies” at AACR Annual Meeting 2016. April 16 - 20, 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Apr. 1-4, 2016Dr. Cynthia Lee, Director of R&D, will be presenting a poster titled: “Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) As Molecular Marker for Bladder, Ovarian, and Glioblastoma Cancers” at ENDO 2016/The Endocrine Society’s 98th Annual Meeting, April 1-4 2016, Boston, MA.
Feb. 2-3, 2016Dr. Vuong Trieu, CEO, will be attending Biotech and Money London 2016, from 2-3 February to discuss the our recent successful EOP2 meeting with FDA on ST-101 and the robust survival data for pancreatic cancer for OT-101.
Jan. 11-13, 2016Dr. Vuong Trieu, CEO, will be attending Biotech Showcase 2016, Jan 11-13 in San Francisco, CA, USA to discuss the current pipeline of personalized medicines for pain, hypertension, and oncology.
Oct. 25-29, 2015Mr. Mihir Munsif, Senior Vice President will be attending Oracle Open Worlds Executive Summit in San Francisco on October 26 to 28 following successful company wide implementation of Oracle Product Life Cycle Management and Document collaboration.
Oct. 14, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE)--Isarna Therapeutics, the leader in transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) isoform targeted antisense therapeutics, and Autotelic Inc., a specialist in therapeutic drug monitoring and development, today announced an asset sale and purchase agreement for trabedersen, Isarna’s TGF-β2 antisense oligonucleotide. Autotelic acquires full and worldwide rights to develop trabedersen, which had previously reached Phase 3 clinical evaluation to treat recurrent high-grade glioma. No financial details of the agreement have been disclosed.
Oct. 13-15, 2015Autotelic Inc. will be attending CPhl Worldwide pharmaceutical event in Fiera de Mardid, Spain on Oct. 13-15, 2015.
Sept. 27-29, 2015Autotelic Inc. and IThenaPharma Inc. announced that it will be presenting the poster entitled "Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Improved Celecoxib Therapy" at the annual meeting of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology in San Francisco, CA (September 28, 2015).